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2015 Teachers Training
"I am delighted with this DVD. As a senior with hip replacements, it is perfect. The instructions are clear and I end up with a good workout."      
"I had stopped going to my local yoga studio because it seemed that suddenly we had this terribly young staff of teachers and they were all into handstands and headstands. I'm 60 years old; I'm just not into handstands! I wanted a gentle but thorough approach with emphasis on stretching and staying limber. And that's what you delivered."

Each two-hour DVD contains dozens of yoga routines that offer safe, thorough exercise to improve strength, balance, and joint function, as well as breathing, relaxation, and centering. Sessions on each DVD range from 5 minutes to 90 minutes to fit different schedules and needs.

Offering varied, enjoyable yoga routines, these DVDs are suited for seniors of any age or condition, including seniors with arthritis and other medical conditions.


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Can't sit on the floor?
Order Chair & Standing. Includes 16 routines for people unable to stand.

120 Min.

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Want to work on the floor?
Order Floor & Standing.

120 Min.

2 vol. set of dvd's

Buy Both and Save
Get 4 hours of complementary work and a discount.
Order 2 vol. set.

A principal yoga instructor at the Harvard University Center for Wellness, John Schlorholtz has taught yoga to seniors for 20 years. He makes yoga inclusive, informative, profound, and something seniors can enjoy.